5 Different types of water features

Have you decided it is time for a garden a makeover, and are you currently scouring the internet for inspiration on what your garden should look like? You may have a list of things you would like in your new outdoor space, such as types of water features, an outdoor seating area with a fire pit or a hot tub.

Coming up with a garden design that doesn't just look phenomenal but also includes all of the features you want can be challenging and requires much planning. It may sound like a difficult task to incorporate all of those ideas into a design that looks aesthetically pleasing and works for your available space.

However, our landscape gardeners in Bury work closely with garden designers who can make your dreams a reality. Getting your garden designed by a professional lets you understand precisely what you are getting into with your garden project and what to expect once the work starts. The garden designers will present you with a 3D garden design tailored to your needs and wishes. 

For many people, water features are the focal point of a garden and are high on their wish list. It is requested repeatedly, so our landscape gardeners in Bury have put together an overview of 5 different types of water features so you can decide which ones you may want to include in your garden.



When we think of different types of water features, many instinctively think of a fountain. They are almost always a standalone feature and are, therefore, great for acting as a focal point in your garden. 

How much of a focal point will depend on the size of the fountain itself. Some fountains are delicate and small, not to attract too much attention, while some can be grand.

There are wide varieties of fountains that differ from each other in terms of size, looks and sound. Some are quiet, where the water lazily dribbles from layer to layer. Other fountains make a lot more splashing noises when the water pours from each layer. 

Whilst there are many different types of water features to choose from, a fountain is a popular choice, and our landscape gardeners in Bury can add one to your garden too!



Who doesn't love the elegant look of water slowly cascading down the face of a wall? Waterfalls are an exquisite type of water feature that can add a little bit of extra luxury to any garden. 

It requires a filter to ensure the water stays clean, meaning it needs more installation than just putting up a bird bath; however, our Bury landscape gardeners can do the installation for you. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the trickling sound of the water. 

Similar to the fountains, you can alter the sound of the waterfall by using different textured walls. In addition, LED lights and other outdoor lighting can be added to add a wow factor. 



If you are looking for something that doesn't scream modern at you straight away, a pond may be the perfect water feature. A typical installation requires excavating the area where your pond should be. Don't worry; you don't need to grab your shovel. Our landscape gardeners in Bury have a lot of experience with this and have the equipment to install your pond for you.

Including a pond in your garden design is excellent for encouraging wildlife into your garden. It will attract animals such as birds, frogs and insects, and they will use it as a source of food and water. And ponds are great for fish enthusiasts too! Our Bury landscape gardeners have recently started working on installing a koi pond for a garden project in Bacup. 

The great thing about ponds is that you can add many different features to them, like rocks, pumps and fountains, to create a design to your unique liking. 

Bird baths

Bird baths

If you want a water feature that does not require a lot of installation and maintenance, then a bird bath may be a great option. There are small and straightforward bird bowls often made out of copper, steel, or stone that can be a standalone feature and are available to purchase at any garden centre or online. 

As with any types of water features, they can become more elaborate, though, and it is possible to order a custom-designed bird bath that can be integrated into the existing garden style. There are many options to choose from, and bird baths range in different sizes.

When deciding where to place your bird bath, our Bury landscape gardeners suggest placing it away from the seating area but within eyesight. This way, the birds and other animals can use the bird bath, and you can relax on the patio on a summer afternoon and watch the birds play in the bird bath.

Swimming pools

Swimming pools

Swimming pools are probably on everyone's wish lists. They are one of the most popular backyard water features simply because they are the most fun for the entire family. Our Bury landscape gardeners love to create visually appealing and functional gardens. Swimming pools can be both. 

How can a swimming pool be aesthetically pleasing? You may be wondering. We are not talking about the blow-up kids' pools you can buy from Argos. The swimming pools our Bury landscapers can include in your garden can be above the ground, in the ground, they can be natural pools. Or, if you want that extra bit of luxury, you can have a jacuzzi or a spool, a smaller swimming pool with spa-like features.  

As previously mentioned, different types of water features can be customised to your needs and wishes. This is also the case with swimming pools. If you have particular desires, discuss them with your garden designer, and they can include them in your garden design.

Include a water feature in your garden with Bury Landscapes!

Deciding which feature to include in your garden design can take time and effort. There are many things to consider, such as what you want your garden to look like and what aspects are essential. Do you want an ample seating area? Are you an avid gardener and need a big space for vegetable patches? You may want a fire pit, or our overview of different types of water features has convinced you to now include one in your garden.

Taking on a garden project isn't an everyday thing, so it is something that needs to be thought through. Many people use the expertise and knowledge of a garden designer to help them incorporate all of their wishes and needs into one bespoke garden design. 

Whatever you decide to do and whichever types of water features you want to include in your garden, our landscape gardeners in Bury can help you create the perfect garden for you. Get in contact with Bury Landscapes today, and we will get you one step closer to your garden transformation.

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