Composite decking

Composite decking

Decking is a prominent feature in many garden designs, and selecting the correct type of decking for your upcoming project may make a huge difference. Installing decking in your garden is not cheap, so choosing the best product to suit your budget and requirements is always essential. By the end of this article, you will have all the insight needed to select the correct type of decking for your new garden.

On the market today, you have two predominant decking types: traditional timber decking and the new kid on the block, wood plastic composite, also referred to as composite decking. Composite is a manufactured product designed to serve its intended purpose. Here at Bury Landscapes, we highly recommend composite decking due to the array of benefits it provides when compared to wood. Composite combines wood fibre and polyethene to create a durable alternative to traditional timber decking without the yearly upkeep.

Composite decking

Your new composite decking will last for a lot longer.

The structural integrity of wood deteriorates over time, particularly when it's not cared for properly. When creating composite decking, durability was one of the key focuses, and today WPC is the gold standard. Our Bury landscape gardeners use high-quality composite decking from suppliers such as Millboard, who supply their decking with a 25-year guarantee; a timber deck would be long gone!

Phew! Gone are the days of stains, scratches and dents found in your average timber deck. Not only is a composite deck going to outlive any timber alternative, but it is also more durable for your day-to-day usage, meaning that your deck will always look fantastic. Ultimately, when a manufacturer is willing to offer you such an extended guarantee, you know the product will be up to the task!

In the past, a composite deck was wildly more expensive than a timber one, but since COVID-19 and now the war in Ukraine, timber prices have continued to rise, leaving the gap between the two smaller than ever. With the price gap closing so much, our team have not installed a single timber deck in 2022, and we install a lot of decking; every job has gone for composite. Our landscape gardeners in Bury can safely say that composite is the way to go, and the current market fluctuations make the decision much more straightforward.

Maintaining composite decking is a breeze

When designing a new garden, you should always consider the amount of maintenance and upkeep you are willing to undertake. Creating a garden that does not fit into your lifestyle is a waste of money. If you go through our digital garden design process, one of our Bury garden designers will ascertain your requirements and come up with the most suitable design for your specific needs and budget.

If you are looking to build a low-maintenance garden, composite decking is going to be the right option for you. Traditional timber decking requires a lot of ongoing maintenance. Every year you should sand down your timber deck and re-varnish it to prolong the lifespan of the wood. When people do not look after a timber deck, the longevity of the wood will seriously decrease, and you will need to replace it much sooner. For more information on how to future-proof your garden, click here.

On the flip side, the maintenance required is virtually none if you decide to go with a composite deck. Forget sanding and repainting; WPC is ready to go all year round - give it a clean once in a while to keep it looking at its absolute best. In years to come, when you look back at your decision to have a composite deck installed, you will be glad you did. It's our job to give you the best advice, and if we were to revamp our gardens, our Bury landscape gardeners would 100% have composite decking.

Keep yourself safe in your garden.

It would help if you considered the climate and inclement weather conditions we experience when choosing what goes into your new garden. The weather in Bury is unpredictable. Where else can you experience four seasons in one day? Composite decking copes well with adverse weather conditions. In the winter, timber decking can become extremely hazardous in wet weather, notably when the temperature drops below zero. In comparison, composite decking does not absorb water and has some anti-slip properties making it a much safer option for your family. Take away the worry of falling over when making a trip down to the bins in the winter months!

Composite decking

Do your bit for the planet; composite decking is eco-friendly.

Global warming is real, and as a society, we must do everything we can to help our planet before it is too late. We are particularly fond of composite decking at Bury Landscapes due to its eco-friendly manufacturing process. You are probably wondering, how is it better for the environment? Well, timber decking involves cutting down trees, and anything we can do to mitigate deforestation is a good move. The manufacturing process for WPC involves recycled wood and plastic. Did you know disused plastic bags are used when to create composite decking - that sounds like a win for the planet to us! There are many reasons to landscape your garden.

Composite decking looks better than timber.

When designing your new garden, it is only natural to want to make it look amazing, and finding the right products to add aesthetic value is essential to a successful project. Above all else, the deciding factor for almost everyone is - how does it look? We are pleased to confirm composite decking looks better than its timber alternative, at least it does in the opinion of our landscapers in Bury. Composite is the better choice here because it comes in various colours, textures and styles to fit any design.

What do our Bury landscape gardeners recommend?

Our answer would have been slightly different if you had asked us this question before the pandemic. We would have said the decision primarily comes down to whether you want to spend the extra money to have composite. That debate is out of the window now, for the most part, as the price gap has narrowed significantly. Our landscape gardeners in Bury wholeheartedly recommend composite decking for any landscaping project and would actively discourage using timber decking as it no longer offers good value for money. The benefits of WPC, compared to timber, are too numerous to ignore, and we hope this article will help you make an informed decision for your landscaping project. Let's consider all of the factors outlined in this article.

Do you want to discuss whether composite decking is the right choice for your upcoming project? Let's book an initial consultation with a Bury landscaper to get the show on the road for you.

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