overcoming tricky garden access

Overcoming tricky garden access

Are you looking to hire a landscape gardener in Bury to do some work in your garden? Are you worried that the access to your garden is not ideal and that our landscapers might find it challenging to do their job? Do not worry; there are many ways our Bury landscapers overcome tricky garden access. We must ask the following questions when evaluating whether garden access will be tricky. Will we need to use machinery for the job? What is the size of the entrance to the garden? Is the garden currently level, or is it very uneven? Once we ask ourselves these questions, we can assess and decide how our landscapers in Bury will overcome the tricky garden access.

overcoming tricky garden access

Additional Staff

With most garden projects, the first stage is to dig up the area you want to landscape, and then the waste from this will be taken away in a grab-wagon. It is not always essential that your garden gets completely dug up before you start; however, in most cases, it is. If you have worked with a garden designer in Bury, they will now have a blank canvas to work with.

The quickest and easiest way to dig up a garden is to use a digger. A digger can do in an hour what would take multiple workers in a day. Imagine working an 8-hour shift in the summer, digging up hard soil and old bits of concrete. Not only is using a digger much more efficient and cost-effective, but it also takes the strain off the workers.

Although diggers come in many different sizes, even mini-diggers struggle to get into some small spaces. Our landscape gardeners in Bury work extremely hard to find a digger that can fit; however, if it is impossible, we would hire more labourers to dig the space out by hand. Unfortunately, this often can inflate the price of the job significantly. After all, hiring a digger for a day is more affordable than hiring multiple men.

Using a crane

In some landscaping projects, it is essential for machinery such as a digger to be used. With large projects, it isn't realistic for the site to be dug out by men - unless you want to extend the time your job takes significantly. If possible, a crane can be used to lift the digger over your home and into your garden. However, renting a crane is never the first option. Even if money was not an issue, a crane requires an experienced worker to operate it. Hiring a crane operator is an additional cost to the job. It is not common practice for a landscaping company to have a licenced crane operator in-house. The company would need to outsource the work to someone, and the right operator is not always easy to come by.

Powered belt ramps

After a crane is used to transport the digger into your garden, where does the waste go? Well, powered belt ramps are brilliant at overcoming tricky garden access. If the digger does not have the space to transport the garden waste into a skip, a powered belt ramp could be used to move the waste through hard-to-navigate corners and alleys. Powered belt ramps are a type of conveyor belt that are used to transport garden waste. Labourers would simply need to deposit the waste on one end, and then the machine would move it to the end. They can even transport waste up-and-over walls and fences. Positioned right, you can have the waste dumped straight into a skip, ready to be collected by a grab wagon.

Help from neighbours

One of the easiest solutions to overcoming tricky garden access in landscaping is to see if the neighbours can help. Tricky garden access is primarily problematic if you live in a terraced or an end-of-terraced house for obvious reasons. Although your garden may not have easy access, it may back onto someone else's garden with no access issues.

Do you have a good relationship with your neighbours? If they are happy to help, our landscapers could walk through their garden to get to yours. It might mean that the landscape gardeners need to remove a couple of fence panels temporarily; however, they would be restored once the project is near completion. Although accessing the garden through another property is probably the easiest option for overcoming tricky garden access, you must be sure that the neighbours are happy to help.

Diggers and other machinery could cause unwanted damage to their property that you would be responsible for fixing afterwards. Sometimes the neighbour does not realise what they have signed up for until the landscaping project has started - we have experienced neighbours change their minds mid-way through a project. This resulted in an unexpected additional cost to finish the job whilst our landscapers accessed the property via other means.

Ultimately, our landscapers in Bury never know the solution for overcoming tricky garden access until they can look at the property and evaluate all the options. Would you like to book an appointment with a landscape gardener in Bury today? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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